This is an extract from my short story work in progress:


My heart sank a little as she walked into the room, still waddling along but taking one incredibly small step after the other, making sure of her footing as she came to greet her visitors. She was walking with a lifetime of stories, struggles, hardships and love on top of her shoulders and this seemed to have weakened her. She no longer had the alacrity and forcefulness that she had when she bargained for the cheapest priced kang kong for dinner, she no longer had the strength to sustain the long gossip sessions with Auntie Chiu at her coffee shop talking about her kids and their respective futures as doctors or lawyers. She was a pale comparison to what I had known – a withered and tired old soul occupying her final days with whatever she could. Trying to rediscover fading memories, people’s names and a diminishing sense of self.