Great design can often reconfigure our ways of being, informing and changing our sense of place in the world. Aesthetically resolved, considered and with exceptional design detail, Malmö is a brand that creates personal and functional design pieces that enhance your everyday wardrobe. The garments themselves are a carefully thought out forms of self-expression – never loud or abrasive but refined and subtle, Malmö clothing becomes embedded as part of your identity never redefining it.

Malmö’s stylish contemporary silhouettes and affordable yet desirable garments shun disposable fashion-based trends. Instead, there is an emphasis on classic tailoring, impeccable finishing and quality Japanese fabrics. A functional button hole on a jacket sleeve, a hidden tab on the underside of a shirt cuff all form part of a cohesive design process which results in a garment that feels immediately lived-in and effortless.

Malmö’s focus on an effortless style that is inherently minimal in its aesthetic but ultimately wearable is what sets it apart. The subtle design elements become statements in themselves – never immediately visible to naked eye but always present for the wearer to feel that the garment has been produced with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Malmö is a brand that radiates subtle luxury – a luxury that is ultimately accessible but never pretentious.

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